Often the biggest sale of our clients' lives, Kingsbrook enters into a journey with you based on honesty and trust.
Journeys that eventually turn in to stories

Listen to our clients below, and why not read our book "I Sold Up' to hear real life experiences of selling a business
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Selling up

"Behind every successful business, courageous decisions were once made"

Every business has a story behind it – how the shareholders ended up owning and running a business. Sometimes fortune, often passion and determination, sometimes unintentional. Every one of our clients has a story to tell of the risks they have taken and the sacrifices made in order to achieve their success.

Similarly every reason for sale tells a story, and the variety of reasons is wide. One of our clients movingly described Callum, his seven-year-old son with a tear-stained face, holding his dad’s hand, desperately trying to stop him going to work again on a Saturday… 

Kingsbrook have captured some of these stories in our book “I Sold Up’.

We think you’ll enjoy it!

I Sold Up

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