The Kingsbrook team are a close-knit and highly-professional group

Selling a business requires many individual skills to come together and work seamlessly. Each of our clients is allocated a talented team to achieve the maximum result.

Project Team

Your team will include...

  • Director the key figure in any sale, this individual sets the market strategy, and leads the team on your behalf. Your experienced AD is the key negotiator with buyers and will attend every sales meeting by your side.
  • M&A Executive the team lynchpin, who coordinates the process, manages your timeline, schedule and all market-facing documentation, ensuring good information flow and momentum.
  • Researcher you will have a dedicated researcher whose sole job is to explore the marketplace for acquirers and build a comprehensive research list tailored to your business.
  • Financial analyst credible financial information is crucial to any deal, and an experienced finance professional will produce buyer-facing financial information, including historic and forecast figures.
  • Content Editor responsible for creating the high-quality marketing documents. Your expert Content Editor will create a compelling, concise Information Memorandum with enough detail to entice a prospect to a meeting with us.
  • Client Account Representative directly approaching the targets on your research list in a confidential manner. Our team are persuasive and resourceful, and have extensive experience in connecting with decision makers, ensuring your opportunity is viewed by the right people.

Whilst selling, we urge our clients to continue to focus on running their business

Let us handle the heavy lifting. For each and every client we provide a multi-person team, each with a specialist role within the sales process.