What is the future for the office?

Published in Insights by Emma Curtis on 20 March 2022

The post-COVID working environment

Now that COVID restrictions have been lifted, workers are returning to the office. But questions remain about the office/home working balance – what will workers want going forward?

The pandemic has shown us that the working from home model can be successful. With the rise of Teams, Zoom and other online meeting rooms we can stay connected with colleagues and clients easily and efficiently. And with the rise of petrol and living costs, this may be seen as the sensible option moving forwards. But what of those wanting or needing to interact face-to-face with colleagues?

A hybrid model

Employers have a choice to make. Is it sensible to go back to pre-pandemic modes of working, or is it better to create a hybrid working model? Especially if they have offices sitting empty.

Many employers have brought in a mixed policy. Either as a permanent way forwards, or as a staged return to full-time office work.

But are employees willing to come back? Employers seem to believe that there is a way to entice workers back to the office, and are putting their money where their mouth is – creating a better working environment.

Restructuring the office environment

Companies are creating a better office environment, updating furniture and surroundings, and adding features, such as plants and acoustic walls.

Reports say Google is investing £730m to reinvigorate its offices and expand its UK capacity by 50%. The tech giant will provide more space to ensure offices are less densely populated. Collaboration spaces and covered outdoor workspaces will also be provided. It will be interesting to see whether other large companies follow suit.

It certainly is a growing trend with our clients at Kingsbrook, and is something we are hearing more and more. Office fit-out companies, plant maintenance and fire services companies are seeing a significant increase in business as employers move back towards an office-based model. They know they need to do something special to entice workers away from their homes and back to the office, and our clients are seeing the benefit.

One client in the plant maintenance sector has mentioned that the last few months have seen ‘unprecedented levels’ of business in the last few months.

Luke Rebbettes, Deal Leader at Kingsbrook says: “a number of our clients across the office services sectors are seeing a sharp rise in business after the pandemic. Our clients expect this to continue as organisations work to maintain a pleasing work environment for their employees.”

It seems that the UK will be seeing a hybrid working model, for the near future at least. Providing both employees and their employers the best of both worlds.


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Published on 20 March 2022 by

Emma Curtis

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