How not to value your business

Get our popular ebook and discover why traditional valuation is costing business owners millions of pounds

The Kingsbrook and BCMS family has sold over 1500 companies in more than 30 years. This ebook explains very clearly why using traditional valuation methods could be your life’s most expensive mistake.

Buyers like traditional valuations because they focus on past performance, yet no acquirer buys a business based on the past. Our beliefs in this matter contend with traditional thinking, but our vast experience proves that tradition is wrong.

Traditional business valuation methods are focused on a company’s past performance. The reality is that a buyer only buys the future. What the business will look like going forward under their ownership. This future potential has significant value. How do you unlock it?

Kingsbrook has completed over 1,000 deals, and this contrarian work confirms without a doubt that traditional valuation methods are costing entrepreneurs millions.

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    How not to value your business

    by Kingsbrook Limited
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