What the privatisation of Channel 4 can teach you about selling your business

Published in Industry news by Emma Curtis on 6 April 2022

Selling up Channel 4?

The Tory government have announced plans to privatise Channel 4. Their reason? That government ownership is holding it back from competing against the large streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon. This has caused somewhat of an outcry today, with many saying that this is bad business practice.

The New Statesman states: “Channel 4 has a requirement to reach diverse audiences – including young and BAME viewers – not reached by other free-to-air channels, and is also banned under its founding charter from making any of its own programmes… Removing those restrictions would likely harm the independent TV sector that is currently thriving”

How can M&A help your company compete in the marketplace?

Whatever your thoughts on this move, the ability to compete against larger organisations is a common theme when selling and buying businesses. Here at Kingsbrook, this thread runs through many of our conversations with both clients and potential acquirers. One of the most efficient ways to grow your presence in the market is to join forces with another skilled company.

This could be to increase your footprint and headcount, which can  be useful when completing tenders. We had one client who, although they had the skill and experience to service the large contracts in their sector, were unable to even enter the race because their staff numbers and turnover weren’t high enough to fulfil requirements for the tenders. Becoming part of anther organisation would immediately qualify them, allowing them to compete against the larger organisations in their field.

Or perhaps adding an additional skillset to your portfolio would open up a wider client base. Rather than having to build the skills yourself, finding the right people and then introducing the right marketing, you can bolt on another company with a reputation and track record already in place and a new client base to boot.

Many of our clients are specialists in their fields, having carved out a niche that few generalist companies are able to fill, offering instant access to new sectors and clients.


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Published on 6 April 2022 by

Emma Curtis

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