Deal announcement: sale of NutriCalc Ltd to TraceGains Inc.

Published in Company Update by Emma Curtis on 26 January 2024

Kingsbrook UK Ltd has advised NutriCalc Ltd on its sale to TraceGains Inc.

Here is a link to the official press release on NutriCalc’s website.

NutriCalc is a market leading provider of nutrition calculation software, utilised by food companies to reach recipe nutrition targets and allergen labelling requirements. The company’s diverse customer base is composed primarily of food manufacturers and catering businesses, ranging from large multinationals to small independent bakeries or restaurants.

TraceGains is the globally recognised leader in networked compliance and product development solutions designed specifically for the Food and Beverage supply chain industry. TraceGains provides companies with an innovative networked business ecosystem and marketplace that enables manufacturers and suppliers to collaborate, sell ingredients, develop new products, ensure food safety, horizon scan, mitigate safety risks, and comply with complex global regulatory requirements. TraceGains is the trusted global solution for more than 1,200 customers, networked to 73,000 supplier locations and more than 500,000 searchable ingredients and items.


Gary Nowacki, CEO of TraceGains, said in the company’s press release:

“We’re excited about this acquisition because it offers a unique opportunity to drive industry advancement by merging top-tier nutrition calculation, reporting, and labelling solutions with TraceGains’ established compliance and product development leadership.”

The press release goes on to highlight: The integration of TraceGains and NutriCalc enhances the supply chain’s ability to tackle new product development and reformulation, along with global safety, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) challenges, as well as rapidly evolving consumer preferences. While the financial details remain confidential, the synergy between the two companies is clear.

Dr. David Bartley, Founder of NutriCalc, expressed pride in their 30-year journey to develop the world’s most precise nutrition calculator. “Since developing NutriCalc 30 years ago, it has become the industry standard in nutrition labelling across the globe at companies both large and small. Our acquisition by TraceGains fuels the development of future innovations to the product and provides an immediate benefit to customers today by linking them to a robust ingredient marketplace and streamlining their processes. The combination of these products is powerful.”

Greg Heartman, VP of Product Management at TraceGains, stressed the significance of integrating NutriCalc into the TraceGains networked ecosystem: “This move enriches TraceGains’ offerings in the Food and Beverage sector, focusing on simplifying and automating processes, integrating AI solutions, and enabling manufacturers and suppliers to leverage digital transformation,”

Neil Ebeid, the Lead Advisor on the project, said of the deal:

“This was an exciting company to work with – the high levels of recognition NutriCalc had generated in the market meant that the proposition appealed to a wide variety of buyers. We were very positively impressed by TraceGains, as the company shared an almost identical ethos and corporate culture to our clients.”

Gary Nowacki CEO & Founder of TraceGains said of the acquisition process:

“As the buyer, it was a pleasure working with Kingsbrook to navigate the NutriCalc deal to a successful and mutually beneficial construct. Neil helped both teams navigate challenging points in the process, and we’re looking forward to the symbiotic benefits and growth this union brings for both companies.”

Published on 26 January 2024 by

Emma Curtis

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