Selling a business is fundamentally a sales and marketing exercise. The best buyers may not be considering an acquisition. The value of a business is rooted in the buyer's motives for purchase — these are the facts that underpin our approach.

Kingsbrook has been selling companies for more than 30 years. We build strong client relationships and apply our powerful research resources and negotiation skills to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.
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How not to value your business

Buyers like traditional valuations because they focus on past performance, yet no acquirer buys a business based on the past. This belief contends with traditional industry thinking, but our vast experience proves that tradition is wrong.

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    Kingsbrook is committed to building open, genuine relationships with our clients

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    "I wanted to formally pass on our great thanks for all the time you have given over the two years since we first met. It has been hard work, especially during the last year, but you have always been supportive and reassuring which has kept us moving forwards positively. You are undoubtedly an expert in the field of M&A."

    Derrick Foan

    BDS Solutions

    “As the buyer, it was a pleasure working with Kingsbrook to navigate the NutriCalc deal to a successful and mutually beneficial construct. Neil helped both teams navigate challenging points in the process, and we’re look forward to the symbiotic benefits and growth this union brings for both companies.”

    Gary Nowacki

    CEO & Founder of TraceGains - Buyer

    "Just wanted to say a personal 'thank you' to you all in helping us to achieve our sale. We wouldn't have done it without your help, I really do appreciate everything each of you has done to help with this."

    Simon Bates

    Fast Gaskets & Parts Ltd

    "throughout the process, right from the very start through to the finish they've been incredibly professional, very careful and I can't recommend them highly enough"

    Keith Judson

    Protechnic Ltd

    “Kingsbrook were a pleasure to work across the table from on a recent business services acquisition. Neil and Scott, acting for the sellers, professionally navigated: issues of information provision, stakeholder management, and were adept at  providing solutions for deal / legal negotiations. We look forward to working with the team again.”

    Samuel McCarthy

    Associate Director - M&A, Marlowe plc - Buyer

    “The Kingsbrook team were a dream to work with. Selling a company is never easy or straightforward but we were guided and supported every step of the way. We definitely made the right choice with Kingsbrook. Andy especially was amazing and even when acquisition fatigue was setting in and frustrating moments arose he was calmly there to pick us up and work through solutions. We really felt he had our back and his knowledge, expertise and people skills were invaluable.”

    Jon Munt

    Covue IT Ltd

    "Thank you so much, I’ll be forever grateful. Sincerely appreciated. Please do reach out if you think I can help with anything."

    Elliott King


    "I would very much welcome the opportunity to sit opposite Kingsbrook again"

    Joe Smith

    Lloyds Banking Group - Buyer

    "Kingsbrook did a superb job for us in getting our details to over 160 businesses from which we had over a dozen NDAs returned. Multiple meetings and down to 3 very interested top quality businesses who were bidding. Ultimately we chose the RSK Group as the best home for our company. Would recommend Luke and his team to anyone looking to sell their life's work, particularly so if in a niche."

    Neil Davies

    Watertrain Ltd

    "You displayed expertise, professionalism, experience and advice that was invaluable"

    Enrico Roselli

    CEO La Martina - Buyer

    "We couldn’t have sold the business on our own. We wouldn't have had an idea where to go, what to do, what the stages of selling a business are. We sold 12 months to the day after signing up with you, and I’m very happy with the result. We got what we hoped to get, and we couldn’t have done that without your help.”

    Vicki Chastney

    Director, WSA

    "you did come up with quite a lot of buyers; we presented to about 20 companies and there was about 5 or 6 offers"

    Trevor Norwood


    “You were recommended to me as great people to deal with and I am glad I came to you. My work life balance is now good and I can take holidays, plus we've done things as a family that we've never done before, so thank you.”

    Winston Lee

    Nyquist Solutions

    "A skilled advisor is essential. We could never have done it alone. I would say to every business owner; talk to Kingsbrook, talk to these guys. It worked for us. Selling up has been invigorating and a real shot in the arm for the company."

    Lester Dinnie

    Tregartha Dinnie

    "Kingsbrook will fight your corner and will make sure you walk away with the best possible deal. I highly recommend the Kingsbrook team to successfully negotiate any commercial business deal."

    Robin Spicer

    Armis Sport Ltd

    "In terms of the potential buyers that BCMS/Kingsbrook introduced us to, these were of the highest calibre and definitely not from the sources we most expected, with buyers from both the UK and Europe expressing their interest. When it came to meeting the potential buyers and interviewing them to ascertain who might be the best “fit” for the future of the business and our staff, BCMS/Kingsbrook were always on hand to guide and proffer advice, without pushing to cajoling in one direction or another."

    Michael Foley

    Wanda Creative Ltd

    "I found out more about my business through you guys than I did myself. Kingsbrook have been fantastic. You did what you said you were going to do."

    Arthur Calow

    Firecurtains Group

    "I have sold a few companies through you guys and you do what it says on the tin."

    Paul Daniels

    T4 Media

    "What you did was a lot of research. Very clever research. Put us in front of a lot of great suitors. This gave us three very hot prospects and we did a deal."

    Tony Jardine

    Jardine International

    "Ours was a very specific business and you brought us buyers that we would never have dreamt of, yet it was a perfect match."

    Fran Henson

    Bishopstow College

    "We weren't sure our business was worth anything, we were wrong. You kept us fully informed with weekly updates. Found hundreds of buyers. I would say to people, follow the procedures, it worked for us and will work for them."

    Arthur Smith

    Fluid Gravity Engineering

    "We sold our software company to a large Australian buyer, and you held our hands and guided us all the way. You chaired every meeting. Our lead advisor, Luke, was very professional and took over the whole process. I totally recommend Kingsbrook."

    Sharon Brown

    Software Business

    "Wow, what a journey!  In addition to the team being professional, organised and structured, our main takeaway is just how much we have learned.  About the sales process, our business, ourselves, what we want for the future, what other people can see about our business that we couldn't.....the list goes on!"

    Anonymous Client

    Business removed from the market

    "We would definitely recommend Kingsbrook. If we ever sell again the first place we would come is Kingsbrook."

    Alec & Helen Grimsey


    "Absolutely we would recommend Kingsbrook, we made a good decision, and it couldn’t have gone better for us. We would not have got the price for our business if it wasn’t for you."

    Paul & Hillary Cole

    Personal Homefinders

    "We got to know everybody in the team, see the research department. You understood us as people. I recommend you go and see the team at Kingsbrook."


    Jonathan Barker

    The Watch Lab

    "I would recommend you as you cover what a director like me needs."

    Kenneth Munro

    W Munro Ltd

    "The system that Kingsbrook used was quite eye opening because it was intensely detailed. Without question I would recommend Kingsbrook."  

    Rob Hughes

    Wesco Ltd

    "The Research was fantastic and the team were amazing, you worked tirelessly. I would highly recommend Kingsbrook, the service we had from the outset was outstanding. We felt you genuinely wanted it to go well"

    Julian Chamberlain

    Retail Active Ltd

    "The research list was considerable, it was stimulating. The whole process was very professional and the team were supportive. Everything we hoped for was delivered."

    Fran Henson

    Bishopstrow College

    "Meeting the bidders was exciting and enjoyable. Kingsbrook were very good. Andy made an enormous difference"

    Richard Twallin

    Pondergrove Ltd

    "The staff at Kingsbrook were absolutely great, and we would absolutely recommend you"

    Alison & John Bateson

    Stratlab Ltd

    "You kept the process moving forward, always positive"

    Andrew May

    Capitec Ltd

    "We had a good feel because it was family run. We met your people and thought ‘yes this is good’"

    Andrew Plummer


    "The key thing for me was the excellent communication and how personable everybody was. All functions and coordination right to the end was all very professional."

    Jo Stephens

    Shredhouse Ltd

    "The research was fantastic. You were an absolute joy to work with"

    Lori King

    Assettagz Ltd

    "The Research list was much larger than I thought it would be. We interviewed 4 brokers and felt Kingsbrook were the safest hands"

    Philip Mace

    DJ Mace and Son Ltd

    “Neil focuses on achieving “win- wins”, while drawing clear lines in the sand for his client. He ensured an efficient due diligence process, allowing us to move through Product, TAM, and go-to-market synergy assessments quickly, with confidence, and most importantly, without surprises after the acquisition.”

    Gary Iles

    SVP Marketing & Business Development, TraceGains - Buyer

    5 reasons to sell a business



    Golden Rules

    The four critical issues when selling a business

    Learn about the four most important issues that anyone selling a business must consider. Failure to address just one of these issues would be a major mistake

    More information on selling

    Free download

    Our free guide to selling your business for maximum value

    • Find the right potential buyers—our primary speciality
    • Prepare for the negotiation stage
    • Lead every sales meeting, commercial negotiations, and the due diligence process
    • Stay with you until the ink is signed on the contract, and beyond

    Choosing Kingsbrook

    Our core principles stem from learnings drawn from not just our many transactions, but many years of experience


    Maximizing value

    Nothing is more important when selling a business than having choice


    Shaped to your needs

    Offering a genuine alternative to the traditional routes of selling a business


    A family business

    Proud to be winners of the Coutts Family Business of the Year


    A unique sales approach

    Tried-and-tested principles, and a strong track record of success


    We are Kingsbrook

    Kingsbrook is a family business that has walked in the shoes of our clients

    Founded by the Rebbettes family, who started the BCMS Group of companies after selling their own publishing business in 1989, Kingsbrook exists to help our clients avoid the many pitfalls associated with the traditional approach to selling a business. Pitfalls that the Rebbettes family experienced first hand. 

    Our core principles stem from learnings drawn from not just many hundreds of transactions, but many years of experience. We believe that our clients are best served in the most important transaction of their lives by an experienced, dedicated, sympathetic and honest team that has our clients’ best interests at heart. That’s why we work alongside you every step of the way, facing the challenges in every business sale together.

    A true family business, Kingsbrook offers a step-by-step business sale service for SME companies, with a clearly defined process that maximises the chance of a successful sale.

    More about Kingsbrook

    Selling your business

    Kingsbrook are masters at finding buyers and negotiating deals

    Our goal is to get the best possible deal for you, not just any deal. The best possible deal doesn’t always mean achieving the highest price. Our clients also value other factors, such as the legacy they leave behind, the security of staff, selling to a buyer with a similar ethos to their own, finding a buyer with the resources to achieve a greater rate of growth, the ability to exit the business sooner rather than later. Selling a business is an emotional as well as commercial transaction, and we know that making such an important decision takes time, planning and research. That’s why we have made many free resources available for those who are looking to sell their business, including:

    • Many free eye-opening educational videos
    • Ebooks covering everything from valuation to finding the best buyers
    • A free online masterclass
    • A comprehensive list of frequently-asked questions

    Access free resources

    Catch up on the latest company news, reports and insights from the Kingsbrook team

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